Ogg on iPod – Mögliche Einschränkungen zur Umsetzung

Gizmodo schreibt über einen möglichen Grund warum Apple für den iPod das Ogg-Format (noch?) nicht unterstützt, die Limitierung durch die bisher eingesetzte CPU.

The even newer 5020:

The 5020 is based on the 5003, and so has the cache bug fixed. It's capable of playing OGG with 25% or less hit on power (depending how much optimisation is done). I would suspect the 5020 will find its way into the next iPod, as it's cheaper and integrates both the firewire MAC and the USB2 mac/phy blocks which are separate chips on the gen3.

So in summary:

gen3 - In theory possible, but unlikely. mini - Very possible. gen4 (or my guess at what a gen4 would have in it) - Very possible.

[via Catweazel]

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